Face Humidifier-for Pore Cleansing

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Beauty and health essentials #1
  • [Moisturize and Refresh your Skin]- -This small face nano mister is used for the care of the face, body, hair, and other position. Suitable for all kinds of skin.Perfect for keeping your face hydrated and healthy.
  • [Restoration]- -Using a facial mask and facial massage will stimulate the skin after sunburn. Pores open or skin feels painful and itchy. Turn on the product for a few minutes, the skin will recovery fastly.
  • [All Seasons Using]- -This handy portable face steamer sprayer make you feel relaxed and cool on a hot day, and helps the skin stay hydrated during the winter season.
  • [Supports USB Charging]- -Simple to use, Pocket size. Just filled it up with water, push down the switch, and then it automatically sends out a nice mist. The handy steamer is mini size, you can put it in your handbag, purse, schoolbag, and even pockets and use it anytime though for a quick little hydration boost of your skin.
  • [Large Capacity]- -20ml-large water tank. charge once can spray about 50 times.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】---This handy portable Mist sprayer can also be used for spraying the mist of sanitizer if the tank is filled with sanitizer. will work perfectly as a personal hygiene device to disinfect currency, tables, or just anything.
    Works on handsanitizer

Steps for Usage:

  1. Open the tank by moving the head of the device.
  2. Put sanitizing liquid inside the tank.
  3. Close the Mist Spray tank.
  4. Press the button to activate the sprayer.
  5. Dis-Infect the item.


  • The handy sanitizer mist sprayer can be used to sanitize your money, car, and other day to day products.
  • The capacity of Nano Sanitizer mist spray is 30 ml.
  • The battery capacity is 150 mAh and can be used 1 hour continuously.
  • Quick USB charging
  • Can be used with milk, water, and essential oil with a mixture of some portion of water for better facial cleansing.
  • Portable size for everyday care: small size and lightweight. You can conveniently put it in your backpack, sanitize it all day.
  • The device can also be used as a Water Mist to refresh the Skin.
  • Smooth operation, slide-switch design, for a convenient sanitizing at any angle.
  • Simple to use, Pocket-sized. Just fill-up with a sanitizer, push down the switch, and then it automatically starts spraying sanitizer.