Selling pollicy

1. We are not liable for any legal issues sellers and influencers are involved in while selling on IYGM
2. We are not liable for product issues by any sellers or suppliers but customer issues will be handled to the best of our ability
3. We do not condone online scams and we are in full support of partial or full refunds to customers if we see it is needed.
4. We try to ensure customers receive their orders early within a maximum time of 2 months if not the customers deserve a refund if they request as 2 months is too long of a shipping time.
5. Exclusive products with long shipping times will need to have the shipping time added to the policy section on each store so the customer has access to that information on your products before buying
6. We only support stores with luxury goods and products, clothing or accessories, products somewhat in the lifestyle space or industry

7. We have some restricted products we would not want to have sold on this platform. Seller stores with these products will be disabled if we get a hold of this information which we will with our weekly updates and store maintenance.
-Human Teeth or Hair
Example: Mini Bottle with Human Hair
-Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, medical drugs
- popular and non-controversial items like hookah and tobacco pipes are allowed
-Dangerous items: hazardous materials, recalled items, and weapons. toys and home took like kitchen knives and pocket knives and toys guns are allowed eg water gun, bb gun
-Internationally regulated items
-Violence items: Items that support or glorify violence
-Animal products and human remains; items we allow are Non-Ivory Animal Bones and Antlers leather goods and textile made from animal hair, human teeth or hair are allowed if the non-controversial source is involved

 8.Lastly do not place products in the inappropriate category as its will not be pleasing to shoppers example placing a phone  in a category for  jewelries or a gadgets in fashion after an email warning and this is not corrected store access will be terminated

We have rights to remove or permanently terminate a seller if we feel any of our policies may have been been broken or customers are being put at risk due to a product or seller being on the store.