Influencers policy

1. Influencers can turn down any promotion offer they don't want.

2.Influencers do not need portfolios to work as an affiliate but it is essential for their social media growth.

3.Portfolios are needed to join our vip influencers club.

4.We pay out at the end of the month all reward contests and pay outs to both influencers and affiliates.

5.We do not accept cyber bulling, negative comments on influencer photos noticed or reported will be deleted.

6. Influencers can sell their own merch and products on iygmshop.

7.Influencers are free to be influencers for their own brands

8. Influencers can do free promotions in exchange for free products from sellers as this is a way for low tier influencers to get recognized. They can also turn down offers they don't want.

9. Iygmshop will be responsible for  pairing influencers with sellers in the same niche on our monthly plan.

10. Influencers can accept any other offer they want outside our platform.

11. Influencers can do free promotions if they want.

12. Iygmshop has the right to make changes and updates to this policy