Smart Wireless Keyboard with Mouse for Phones, Pc and Tablets

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Need a fast way to type things up on your Device? Our Smart Keyboard has your back! The portable case comes with a full keyboard and easily connects to your device using Bluetooth. It’s perfect for school, movies or work! Ultra Slim Keyboard: reclaim desk space with this small keyboard that only takes up only two thirds the space of a traditional keyboard. Broad compatibility - plug & play: The perfect budget alternative that works with both Apple and Windows PC operating systems.

Comfortable full-size keys: The large chiclet shaped keys make typing easier, while the scissor switch keys ensure smooth tactile feedback response.

Ergonomic keyboard that aims to provide an Apple-like typing experience that works for both Apple and PCs.Low profile and provides a good smooth tactile feedback response that won’t take up much desk space.

Universal Keyboard 

combines minimalist Scandinavian design, superior ergonomic elements and functionality without


comfort for size.


* Counteracts symptoms of RSI by offering short typing distances with good tactile response and an optimal low keyboard profile

to keep wrists flat.

* 3 additional USB ports for additional functionality.

* Compact and lightweight for travel.

* Wireless connection for simplicity.

Operating System: Win 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ Mac OS X/ Linux/ IBM PC


Easily slide the phone or tablet in and connect to the keyboard with Bluetooth.

Ideal for school or work.

Charges using the micro USB port.

Compatible with phone and tablets including Android, Windows and iPhones.Package includes:1x Bluetooth V3.0 Keyboard  and mouse