Make Money Online 2021 Top 5 Ways To Start Working From Home

With what's going on in the world everyone's trying to figure out other ways to earn money a lot of others have seen the importance of either working for themselves or letting their money work for them. Here we'll be talking about ways tons of people are making a living in 2021 staying sane in 2021.


1.Dropshipping - Yeah it's a popular saying that dropshipping is dead, nope it's still alive and a healthy business to start.

Lots of people are able to stay solid dropshipping products online either on their online stores and websites, on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Wish, and eBay, some people are able to pull this off on their own websites which would costs a bit more, require more experience as well as marketing experience.


2.Freelance- everyone has a skill, it could be art, design, skills involving technical or computer know-how, marketing, website development, product research or analysis there's always someone needing a service somewhere and with platforms like Fiverr, our very own platform ifyougetmoney as well as other platforms that allow you to sell your skill.


3. Investing-since everyone started getting stimulus cheques a lot of people were able to successfully become investors earning 100-200 dollars a month from just a few thousands 10 and upwards invested. some might be confused on what to invest in well I'm no financial advisor but there are REITs which are real estate stocks, there's ETF's, Cryptocurrency, and lots more in almost every niche you could possibly be interested in. From just buying and holding any of these with a constantly growing and increasing price or just a good stock with a decent and stable dividend which is monthly or payout some of these publicly traded companies payout to their investors the type of money you'll make and lose will depend on the type of investor you would like to become and with the help of platforms like Wealth simple, Robinhood,, Binance, Bitpay and other platforms outside this list. Tons of people are becoming investors which would do anyone a whole lot of good in the future. with or without a lot of money investing something tiny every once in a while would do anyone a whole lot of good.


4.Becoming a social media influencer-So how do you become an influencer in 2020? First, define your brand, niche, and audience. Your brand should have a unique, consistent voice that reveals to the audience what you want them to know about you. A successful influencer finds a niche, a subject in which they are an expert and are passionate about it. As an influencer, you can use your voice to share information relevant to your passions or help your peers with purchasing decisions by reviewing products. While it may look like glitz and glamour from the outside, influencers can attest that they are required to be “on” 24/7 to cater to their brands, promotions, and audiences. from YouTubers and bloggers down to even meme pages.


5-Build businesses by solving problems. Look around you and take note of the problems you encounter in your daily life. How could you fix them? Can you brainstorm an entirely new solution (what Daniel calls ‘The Original Fix’) or can you think of a way to transform an existing solution for better effect (‘The Enhancement’)? Is there a way you can piggy-back off of the success of existing businesses by creating products that complement their service (which will save you time over launching an entirely new concept)? The more you practice seeing opportunities in everyday problems, the more likely you are to hit on the idea that’ll make you a successful entrepreneur.


These are just a few of the things most people are doing to earn money outside working a regular job during these tough times the first and most important thing is to figure out what you want to do and to start working towards it right away because nothing comes easy and neither does it happen all at once.

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