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It’s been just about two years since we started building ifyougetmoney and shared the early beta with a few friends. At the time, the website was very rough and we didn’t know what to expect. Our goal was to collect feedback, quietly iterate, and avoid making noise until we felt the website was ready for the world.

For a number of reasons, the “build quietly” approach didn’t work. We are hugely grateful that people seem to care about what we have to offer and we’ve learned a lot from the feedback—both good and bad. Given all that’s been said, we wanted to share a bit of our early thinking on ifyougetmoney, our gratitude for the community, and our plans for the future, so people understand how we’re approaching building this company. Thank you for reading! 🙏


What is IYGM?

Ifyougetmoney is a new type of e-commerce platform with a twist based on influencers. When you open the website you can see pages full of awesome products, influencers, tools, and resources to help you grow online —all open so you can hop in and out, exploring different opportunities and products. You can join as a seller or an influencer, and if you just enjoy awesome products you can shop from various stores here on ifyougetmoney owned by multiple trusted sellers.  



Ifyougetmoney.com is designed for everyone, and we think you the customers are very special from our influencers and sellers down to our shoppers. This is a very special medium and we would love to share this experience with everyone. 


Influencers - We'll start with the influencers who bring fun into even the most boring things, people seem to underestimate them both large and small, famous and infamous influencers. We're here to make the influencers, sellers, and shoppers stand out from each other. With our platform influencers are allowed to create a portfolio with details and content from their social media which would allow us to come up with a beautiful portfolio to display information as well as content for visitors to see which will all be done and promoted by our system all for free. You can show off your youtube channel as well as other content on platforms you would love the world to see. On our platform, you have a chance to get seen by your next biggest sponsor who could be a seller here going through influencers. Which is what we're trying to do.


Sellers - We have tons of resources for online sellers and business owners as well as influencers who own stores or just trying to sell some merch. From free ads and traffic systems to beautiful online stores and storefronts for both products and services. With big dogs like Amazon and Etsy taking over the world we're not here to compete with them but rather we keep searching for ways to link up with these platforms even better as well other growing platforms to fully optimize your business to the fullest. With help from influencers and some free Promotions, we're sure to get you seen 10X more. 


Shoppers - With multiple products and services we plan to fulfill all the needs of all our customers with help from our trusted suppliers and service providers. Enjoy an endless growing list of multiple products and services from all over the world as well as influencer content portfolios and stories.



People seem to be coming back because it’s a place where they can shop or just hang around for hours and leave each day feeling better rather than worse, because they’ve deepened connections, by getting to know more about some of our underrated influencers and content creators as well as sellers and their awesome products all over the world. Don't underestimate these tik tok Dancers they mean business #respect 


Why is it open to the public even though it's not fully ready yet?

We are building IYGM for everyone and working to make it available and seen by the world as quickly as possible during this time of limited contact. 


First, we think it’s important to grow communities slowly, rather than 10x-ing the user base overnight. This helps ensure that things don’t break, keeps the composition of the community diverse, and allows us to tune the product as it grows.

Second, we are a small team, and we haven’t yet finished building the features that will allow us to fully handle more people as well as fully automating the system. Right now the two of us are the only full-time employees. We’ve benefitted from the support of many services, and are actively hiring, but between infrastructure scaling, feature development, gathering productand system feedback, and general company building, there haven’t been many spare hours in the day.


So what’s next?

Before we can move from a beta to a general release we want to ensure that the product can handle as many people as possible. Among other things, this means having robust community policies and tools to ensure that people have a great experience as the user base scales up.

Here are a few things that are top-of-mind for us as we work towards a broader release:

  • We plan to have this platform integrated with not just amazon and Etsy but platforms like Aliexpress, Walmart, and all the biggest stores all over the world. We want to be able to have customers list products here and have them show up on major market places all at once and guess what? We're already really close.
  • In-app safety features. On every platform, there are bad actors. As we move beyond the beta group, we’ll need better tools to protect shoppers from bad sellers. On IYGM, there are some nuanced things to figure out. Should we allow everyone or just a specific niche of products, do we set a seller application process or have none so it's open to everyone.
  • Tools to encourage not just traffic but leads, sales, and conversions as well as store optimizations with fully customizable domains 

These are important, and every “easy solution” has ripple effects. Fortunately, we have an amazing group of beta testers who have spent hundreds of hours talking with us and sharing their feedback as we’ve worked to understand the nuances of this new medium.

We are immensely grateful to have this opportunity to build IYGM—and to everyone who has joined our early beta, shared what they love about it, sent us feedback, and pushed us to think harder about important issues. These are the things that will move this platform forward. If you’re a seller or influencer and you're not yet on IYGM you can sign up here or visitwww.ifyougetmoney.com. We are so excited to welcome you to it and to hear what you think!


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