Ifyougetmoney sellers guide how to create store and products.

First what is this platform?

We are an e-commerce website that's here to help supply online shoppers with awesome high-quality products as well as tools to sell online for both sellers and influencers

What's our niche?

We work with jewelry, fashion and gadgets categories.  We also have a special section for influencers who would love to promote themselves as well as  services using our platform.

How do i start selling my products 

  • click on start selling on IYGM at the top menu
  • create an account or login
  • go to the seller dashboard 
  • click product listing 
  • then click on add product 
  • fill out the required product details and click save after editing

Before you can add products identity will have to be verified 

step 1 - go to the main menu in your seller dashboard 

step 2 - click on profile 

step 3 - click on my account 

step 4 - fill out all required information

step 5 - finally add payment method in the profile menu 

step 6 - add products 


How create  or update my store look

  • Create an account or log in if you have a store already.
  • Go to your profile from the menu to work on your store looks.
  • Then click on my account
  • Fill out account information for your brand 
  • Add or remove features to give your store a unique  look


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