How to sell products online?


What sellers need?

As a seller and a business owner, the main goal is to be profitable.  Why is profit needed asap? To make up for those back-end expenses like advertising, products, shipping, and payment of employees if any as well as expenses needed to make your business get better.



Making sales and getting leads.

You cant be profitable without making sales, and we can't make sales without either spending lots of money or putting in lots of work. If you're new to starting a business you might wonder, how much money would I possibly need and where would the money go, to make the business better. That's honestly up to your pocket. You might not have the money for the tools and resources the big dogs use so you would have to settle for other resources that would still help your business grow especially if you're just starting out. With tools like Weebly, Wix, Go daddy, Shopify, and even resources like Amazon, Etsy, Wish, eBay, and our very own platform IYGM for sellers which is one of the free platforms and beginner friendly. With these you're sure to get your feet off the ground and grow quick.  


So what do these platforms do and how can they help you you might wonder well for one, these e-commerce platforms allow you to build stores or websites as well as upload products, basically giving you a very powerful resource needed to sell online and find customers. A lot of these platforms offer some form of free or paid traffic and if you don't plan to spend a lot of money on your business you can work with free tools like the tags system which some of these selling platforms offer to bring you traffic. All you have to do is research on the most converting tags for your niche so this way google could use those tags to bring you customers. Remember the better and stronger your tags are the more customers you'll get.



Advertising and marketing.

There are millions of people and customers available all over the world and with social media business owners can connect with customers worldwide. Now, how do I access these customers you may wonder. there are two ways to reach more customers if tags aren't working for you. One is by paying some money to these social media platforms to get you seen and if you don't want to spend as much money or any money at all you'll have to put in some office hours into your organic marketing. Here are some of the leading social media platforms you can use to market your business either with paid ads or for free by doing some 9-5 work for your brand with the platforms below.



Free and paid advertising. 

What's the difference between paid and free ads(advertising). For one paid ads are so much easier and offer more and even better results with such little work or input compared to free ads that take a lot of work and time for such little results. Don't let that scare you free ads do work if you do it the right way it'll just take a lot of time and work but it's worth it sometimes especially if have very little to no funds and no other option. 


So now you might wonder how do you go about these ads you've been hearing so much about. First, you need to have an account with any of the leading platforms for advertising as listed above next prepare your content, you can have multiple or just a single one for the service or product you plan to promote. The best in our opinion is still Facebook for free advertising and the best for paid ads in our opinion is Instagram who not just offers ads but even employees to help you or walk you through the process of scheduling ads if needed. platforms like Google and some others offer something like this as well.


Steps to setting up ads 

  • Create an account and a business page on a social media platform of your choice.
  • For paid ads create an ad manager account on any of the platforms.
  • Follow their setting your first ad campaign process.



For free marketing, this is where the real work is.

First, make a Facebook page for your business or an account on any platform of your choice.

Prepare 30-100 pieces of content for your self-promotion. Follow hashtags in your niche if you're in the fashion industry follow hashtags like fashion, clothing, trending, and hashtags with top fashion models and influencers. Follow 100-200 of those hashtags and engage with them as much as possible over two-four weeks. Have at least 3 pictures on your page and make sure you have a good profile. after about a month of engaging with and following enough pages, hashtags people, businesses and possibly influencers. you can start posting your prepared content on your page and in as many pages as you can, basically, we mean go crazy and hopefully, you engaged with people enough for them to want to engage back. Using tools like hashtag generators online to provide you with the best targets as well as new views and customers outside the people you've been engaging with. Do this every day while still engaging with other people's posts. With enough content and videos online as well as more content still being posted on your page you're sure to get new customers, leads, and possibly sales. It might not be a lot but it's enough to give you hope that your business works. Which means there's a chance to scale what you started up. With the funds from your organic sales online.








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